Item IDTypeAuthor Book TitleYear PublishedPlace PublishedPublisher's NameEdition NumberCover TypeCover ColorPagesNote
216NovelHall Caine, T.Manxman, The1897New YorkD. Appleton & Co14Hardmaroon529
217NovelHall Caine, T.Manxman, The1898New YorkD. Appleton & CoHardmaroon529
218NovelHall Caine, T.Manxman, The1895New YorkD. Appleton & Co11Hardmaroon529
219NovelHall Caine, T.Manxman, The1899New YorkD. Appleton & CoHardmaroon529Popular Ed. limited to 100,000 copies
220NovelHall Caine, T.Manxman, The1930London UKReaders Library3Hardmaroon378British International Film Edition
221NovelHall Caine, T.Manxman, The1899New YorkAmerican News Co.Hard
222NovelHall Caine, T.Manxman, TheLondon UKThomas Nelson & SonsHardmaroon446
223NovelHall Caine, T.Deemster, TheChicagoDonohue Henneberry & CoHardwith Dust Jacket
224NovelHall Caine, T.Deemster, TheNew YorkA. L. Burt CompanyHard361
225NovelHall Caine, T.Deemster, TheChicagoRand, McNally & CoHardred361
226NovelHall Caine, T.Deemster, The1894LondonChatto & Windus, Piccadilly18Hardbrown361
227NovelHall Caine, T.Deemster, The1891LondonChatto & Windus, Piccadilly1Hardbrown361
228NovelHall Caine, T.Deemster, TheLondonWilliam Allison1Hard
229NovelHall Caine, T.Deemster, TheOxfordJohn W. Lovell1Hard
230NovelHall Caine, T.Deemster, TheNew YorkNew York Publishing Co.1Hardtan
231NovelHall Caine, T.Deemster, The1894New YorkR.F. Fenno & Co1Hard
232NovelHall Caine, T.Deemster, The1894New YorkHenry T. Coates & Co.1Hardgreen
233NovelHall Caine, T.Deemster, TheNew YorkStreet & Smith1Hard361
234NovelHall Caine, T.Deemster, TheChicagoRand, McNally & CoHardgreen361
235NovelSinclair, U.Love's Pilgrimage1912LondonWilliam Heinemann1HardBlue444Note by Hall Caine
236BiographyMacarthur, J. Ed.The Bookman Literary Year-Book1898New YorkDodd Mead & Company1HardGrey260Biography of Hall Caine pg.13-15
237BiographyWinwar, F.Poor Splendid Wings1933BostonLittle, Brown, and Company1HardRed413Hall Caine and Rossetti pg 370-3
238BiographyCumberland, G.Set Down in Malice1919New YorkBrentano's1HardRed286Hall Caine pg. 117-127
239BiographyAllen, V.Dear Mr. Rossetti2000Sheffield, UKSheffield Academic Press1HardWine336Letters from Hall Caine to Rossetti
240MagazineEditorialRoyal Magazine, The1899LondonC. Arthur Pearson Ltd.1HardBlue495Hall Caine snapshot interview, pg.365-367
241NovelHarte, B.New Burlesques1902BostonHoughton, Mifflin and Company1HardRed236Golly and the Christian: parody of Hall Caine
242CollectionStoddard, J. Ed.Library of Entertainment Vol III1926ChicagoGeo. L. Schuman & Co.1HardBlack446Hall Caine's "Bondman" extract pg.3
243BiographyPearson, H.Modern Men and Mummers1921LondonGeorge Allen & Unwin Ltd.1HardGreen222Hall Caine pg. 192-196
244BiographyDoughty, O.A Victorian Romantic1949LondonFrederick Muller Ltd.1HardGreen712Hall Caine and Rossetti
245MagazineAtkins, F.Young Woman, The1895LondonHorace Marshall & Son1HardAquamarine428"A Talk with Mr. Hall Caine" pg. 18-22 and 67-68
246PlaybillHall Caine, T.Margaret Schiller1916New YorkEmpire Theater1SoftGreen/Blue28Later produced as "The Prime Minister"
247NovelHall Caine, T.Woman thou Gavest Me, The1921AmsterdamInternationale Bioscoop-Roman1SoftYellow/Red63Dutch Condensed Version
248NovelHall Caine, T.Eternal City, The1920AmsterdamInternationale Bioscoop-Roman1SoftGrey/Red40Dutch condensed version
249CigarettePlayer's CigarettesHall Caine, T.UKJohn Player & Sons11Straight Line Caricature #9 of a series of 50
250CigaretteOgden's Guinea GoldHall Caine, T.UKOgden's Guinea Gold Cigarettes11b/w photo
251CigaretteGodfrey Phillips CigarettesHall Caine, T.UKGodfrey Phillips Cigarettes11#11 of a series of 25 Caricatures
252CigaretteWill's CigarettesHall Caine, T.1896UKWill's Cigarettes11#14 in the First Series Vanity Fair Caricature
253LetterHall Caine, T.Letter to Lord Northcliffe1907RomeHall Caine, T.1PaperWhite4Excelsior Hotel paper; ref: dismissal of Ralph
254MagazineHall Caine, T.Mr. Hall Caine's Mission to Russia1891LondonThe Illustrated London News1SoftWhite1Page 468, incl. engraving of Hall Caine
255MagazinePartridge, BernardMr. Punch's Personalities1926LondonPunch, or the London Charivari1b/w1#28 of a Series; Sketch of Hall Caine

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