Sir Hall Caine (1853-1931)
Listing of published works
(Those works listed with a * and highlighted in blue are present in the family's personal collection)
(*)Richard III and Macbeth: The Spirit of romantic play in relationship to the principles of Greek and Gothic art, and to the picturesque interpretations of Mr. Henry Irving A dramatic study printed by Simpkin Marshall & Co. ,London and Edward Howell, Liverpool 46 pp.
1880 -
(*)Politics and Art; a lecture delivered at the Royal Institution,
Liverpool. Notes and Queries Society, Royal Institution, Liverpool.

The Supernatural Element in Poetry. Notes and Queries Society, Royal
Institution, Liverpool. This essay originally appeared in Colbourne's
Magazine in August 1879.
1882 -
(*)Sonnets of Three Centuries: an Anthology. Elliott Stock, London.
Edited by Hall Caine. A special edition of 50 copies on handmade paper was
published in 1882. Reissued in an ordinary edition of 1000 copies later.

(*)Recollections of Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Elliott Stock, London. (Reissued
in amended form in (*) 1889 and (*)1928).
1883 -
(*)Cobwebs of Criticism: a Review of the First Reviewers of the 'Lake',
'Satanic' and 'Cockney' schools. Elliott Stock. Reissued by Routledge in 1907
1885 -
(*)The Shadow of a Crime. Chatto & Windus. Set in Cumbria.3 Volume original edition. Later published as one volume in 1899(*). 138 pp.

(*)She's All The World To Me: a Manx Novel. New York, Harper & Brothers.
Paperback in Harper's Handy Series, No. 13.
1886 -
(*) A Son of Hagar. Chatto & Windus. 3 Volumes later published as 2 Volumes in 1892 (*) and  one volume in 1899 (*). Set in Cumbria.

(*)2 Sonnets in Sonnets of the Century by W. Sharp
1887 -
(*)Life of Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Walter Scott. 154 pp. No. 2 in the
Great Writers series edited by Eric Robertson.

(*)The Deemster: a romance in three volumes. Chatto & Windus. Manx setting.(*) In
1905 an introduction was added by Bram Stoker.(*)The 4th edition was published
as one volume. Up to the 1921 edition, published by Eveleigh Nash &
Grayson, London, there had been 52 editions in English and it had been
translated into French, (*)German, Dutch, (*) Danish,(*) Swedish, Russian, Spanish,
(*)Finnish and Bohemian.
1888 -
The Prophet, a play written for Henry Irving, but never staged as
the censor objected to it. Originally titled Mahomet.
1890 -
(*)The Bondman: a New Saga. In three volumes, January 1890, (*)in one
volume, October 1890, Heinemann. Set in Isle of Man and Iceland. Translated
into eleven languages. A new preface was included in the 1903 edition.
First published in serial form by the Isle of Man Times between June and
November 1889.

(*) The Scapegoat: a Romance. Heinemann, two volumes, September 1890. Published
simultaneously in Europe, America and Canada. The one volume edition came
out in May 1892(*). Set in Morocco.

The Prophet published as a novella.
1891 -
(*)The Little Manx Nation. Heinemann. Three lectures on the history of
the Isle of Man delivered to the Royal Institution, Liverpool, on 22 and 29
January and 5 February 1891. (*)Published in 1901 as part of a two volume series
of the Eternal City together with Capt’n Davy’s Honeymoon.

Mary Magdalene. The New Apocrypha. Published by Hall Caine, London 1-8 pp.
1892 -
The Fate of Fenella. Three volumes, illustrated. Publisher unknown,
but likely to have been American. No record of UK publication. Manx

December 16. Scenes on the Russian Frontier. Lecture to Jewish Working
Mens' Club, Liverpool.

(*)Introduction by Hall Caine to “The Princess Maleine... and the Intruder” by M.P.M.B Maeterlinck
1893 -
(*)Cap'n Davy's Honeymoon; The Last Confession; The Blind Mother.
Heinemann. Novellas published in one volume and dedicated to Bram Stoker.
The Blind Mother is an incident from Son of Hagar. Cap'n Davy's Honeymoon
had been previously published in a (*)magazine and in a (*)single volume.
1894 -
(*)The Manxman. Heinemann. 2 Volumes. Manx setting. First appeared as a serial in
The Queen. By 1913 it had sold half a million and been translated into 12
languages. (*)Published simultaneously in New York by D. Appleton & Co. First
edition dated 3 August 1894, reprinted 17 August and 1 September 1894.

(*)The Little Man Island; Scenes and specimen days in the Isle of Man. A
paperback guide to the Island written for and published by the Isle of Man
Steam Packet Company, Douglas. 50 pp. Republished by S K Broadbent in 1899.

(*)The Mahdi: or Love and Race. A Drama in Story. London, James Clarke & Co.
Reprinted from the Christmas Number of 'The Christian World' for private
circulation. 100 copies printed.(*)Printer's Proof w/author's corrections

(*)An Appreciation of Whitehead Included in “Charles Whitehead” by Henry T.M. Bell
1895 -
(*)Graih my Chree, a Manx Ballad. Published on St Valentine's Day.
Printed in Lyra Celtica (no date available) and in London Home Monthly,
March 1895.

(*) Photocopy of the original: Yan, the Icelander: Home, Sweet Home. A Lecture Story. Harrison and Sons,
1897 -
(*)The Christian: A Story. Heinemann. Set in London. (*)Serialised in The
Windsor Magazine and in Munsey's Magazine January-June 1896 and in 1897.
Initial print run 50,000 in August, reprinted again that month and in
October, thereafter almost annually up to the edition of 1927. Translated
into 12 languages - (*)continental editions by Tauchnitz,(*)American edition by
Appleton. The first of Hall Caine's books to sell a million copies.(*)Original manuscript (*) The Christian Play printed in 1905 by Collier and (*)Movie edition printed in 1923 ; (*) The Christian: A Drama , limited edition script for actors only 1898.
1901 -
(*)The Eternal City. Heinemann. Set in Rome. Serialised in The Lady's
Magazine. A "theatre edition" published 1902(*). Initial print run 100,000,
August 1901(*), reprinting by December. By 1926 had run through 26 editions.
This was Hall Caine's most popular work according to Clucas - by 1921 a
million copies sold. (*)Printed by Appleton, New York. Translated into 13 languages. (*) Japanese cartoon version in 24 serialized issues and (*) single volume printing in 2002.

(*)Unto the Third and Fourth Generation. Windsor Magazine, 1901. Long short
story. About a young woman cured by a hypnotist.

(*)Hall Caine: The Man and the Novelist Biography of Hall Caine by Charles Frederick Kenyon , English Writers of Today, Vol No. 4, Greening & Co.London

1902 -

(*) The Story of a great Scoundrel. Printed in Household Words on February 22nd Edition with Eternal City Serialization, Temple Press, London

(*) Ten minutes in the condemned cell. Printed in Household Words on March 8th Edition with Eternal City Serialization, Temple Press, London

(*) Is it right to Fight. Printed in Household Words on March 15th Edition with Eternal City Serialization, Temple Press, London

(*) The reign of Woman. Printed in Household Words on March 22nd Edition with Eternal City Serialization, Temple Press, London

(*) The Alien at Home. Printed in Household Words on April 12th Edition with Eternal City Serialization, Temple Press, London

(*) What is the Duty of a Citizen. Printed in Household Words on April 19th Edition with Eternal City Serialization, Temple Press, London

(*) What is the matter with Chicago. Printed in Household Words on June 14th Edition with Eternal City Serialization, Temple Press, London

(*) Lord of Laughter and Tears. Printed in Household Words on June 14th Edition with Eternal City Serialization, Temple Press, London

(*) The Alien at Home. Printed in Household Words on April 12th Edition with Eternal City Serialization, Temple Press, London

(*) What is the Duty of a Citizen. Printed in Household Words on April 19th Edition with Eternal City Serialization, Temple Press, London

(*) How I was taken for a Tramp. Printed in Household Words on April 26th Edition with Eternal City Serialization, Temple Press, London

(*) Musolino the Brigand. Printed in Household Words on May 31st Edition with Eternal City Serialization, Temple Press, London

1903 -
Passive Resistance. Supplement to the Isle of Man Examiner, 15
August 1903.

(*)The Isle of Boy: A Comedy, Appleton & Co., New York. Play in four acts, 121pp.

(*)Memoir by Hall Caine in “Twixt God and Mammon” by William E. Tirebuck

1904 -
(*)The Prodigal Son. Heinemann. Set mainly in Iceland with scenes in
London and the South of France. 500,000 copies of the English editions
alone sold by 1913. (*)Printed by Appleton, New York, 1904. Translated into 13 languages including: (*)French,          (*)German (*)Hungarian and (*)Finnish.

1905 -
The Prodigal Son: a drama in 4 acts, printed for private circulation
and the use of the actors only.

(*)The Queen's Christmas Carol. Edited by Hall Caine (though he is not named).
Published in aid of the Queen's charities by the Daily Mail.

The Prodigal Son: a novelised version of Mr Hall Caine's Play by S R
Squires, Bacon & Hudson of Derby.
1906 -
(*)Drink: a love story on a great question. Illustrated by Cyrus Cuneo,
George Newnes, 118 pp.

(*)The Bondman Play. Script illustrated by photos of the cast. Hardback. Daily
Mail, London.

(*)My Story. Heinemann. Autobiography, incorporating much of the material in
Recollections of D G Rossetti (q. v.). First appeared in English Writers of
Today series, no. 4. (*)Reprinted in USA by D. Appleton in 1909.

(*)Introduction by Hall Caine to “Single Tales and Plays - the Crickett on the Hearth” by Charles Dickens

(*)Introduction by Hall Caine to “Single Tales and Plays - A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens
1908 -
(*)Queen Alexandra's Christmas Gift Book. Edited by Hall Caine (though
not named) The Daily Telegraph, London, in aid of the Queen's charities.

Introduction by Hall Caine to “The Power of a Lie” by J. Bojer

(*)Pete: A Drama in Four Acts Dramatization of “The Manxman”, Collier & Co. ,London
1909 -
(*)The White Prophet, illustrated by R. Caton Woodville (war artist for
the Illustrated London News). Two volumes. Heinemann. Translated into seven
languages. (*)Printed by Appleton, New York as one volume. Announced in My Story as The White Christ: A Novel. later published in 1911 as a single volume

Why I Wrote “The White Prophet” was printed by Hall Caine in London. 58 pp.


1910 -
(*) King Edward: A Prince and a Great Man. Collier & Co. Reprinted from
The Daily Telegraph by permission of the proprietors. Illustrated with
photographs of the Royal Family. Hardback. Collier & Co. 43 pp.

The Eternal Question, a new dramatization taken from “The Eternal City” for private
circulation, London,102 pp
1913 -
(*) Introduction  by Hall Caine to “The Personal History of David Copperfield” by Charles Dickens in the Waverly Edition of the Works of Charles Dickens.

(*)The Woman Thou Gavest Me: Being the Story of Mary O'Neill.
Heinemann. Published in July 1913, reprinted twice in August and again in
September, October and November. 475,000 copies were sold by the end of 1913. Translated into nine continental languages. (*)American edition in 1913 by J. B. Lippincott & Co., Philadelphia.
Filmed US 1919 by Famous Players-Lasky.
1914 -
(*)King Albert's Book, A tribute to the Belgian King and people from
representative men and women throughout the world. Editor (though not
named). The Daily Telegraph, in conjunction with The Daily Sketch, The
Glasgow Herald and Hodder & Stoughton. (*) Printed in New York by Hearst. Sold for charity in aid of Belgium.
1915 -
(*)The Drama of 365 Days: Scenes in the Great War. Heinemann. Reprinted
from the Daily Telegraph with additions. Hardback. 127 pp. (*) Reprinted by Lippincott in USA

(*)"Daughter of England, you have taught us how to die. Edith Cavell's
noble lesson to the people of her race." . Article for the Daily Sketch on the death of Edith Cavell,
30 October 1915.
1916 -
(*)Our Girls: Their Work for the War. Hutchinson & Co, London. Small
format hardback illustrated by 15 photographs provided by the Ministry of
Munitions. 127 pp.

(*)The Prime Minister. Play. First performed in US, Atlantic City (1915).
Produced Court Theatre, London, under the Vedrenne management with title
changed to Margaret Schiller, 1916
1917 -
The Coming of Peace, Three Years of War, Reprisals and Manpower in the Field
articles in the Daily Chronicle in August and October 1917.

Address on Policemanship, read by Irene Vanbrugh at George Robey’s concert in aid
of the Metropolitan & City Police Orphanage; Printed by C. Knight & Co., London
1918 -
Thank God for Lloyd George, the Sunday Pictorial.

Should We Teach German? The Observer, March 1918 .

Victory and Peace. Scenario for propaganda film, left unfinished when war ended and never released.
1921 -
(*)The Master of Man: The Story of a Sin. Cassell & Co. 100,000 copies
printed in July 1921 reprinted in November. American, Canadian and
Continental editions came out simultaneously and translations in Holland,
Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Bohemia, Poland and France. First
published in serial form in Nash's Magazine. (*) A private edition was printed
and circulated among family, friends and various notabilities. Six of these
were bound up with the letters which accompanied the copies sent out to
such people as Lloyd George and the Bishop of London.
1923 -
(*)The Woman of Knockaloe: A Parable. Cassell & Co. The book of the
film was published (undated) as Barbed Wire by The Readers Library
Publishing Company Ltd., London.
1928 -
(*)Recollections of Rossetti. Cassell & Co. 259 pp.. A note says "Some portions of
this book were published in 1882; (*)other portions of it in 1898 and 1908; much of it
is now new. It is first published as a completed book at the Centenary of
Rossetti's birth, 1928."
1938 -
(*)Life of Christ Posthumous publication. Edited by his sons Ralph and Derwent Hall Caine.
Collins, London 1270 pp. (*)Reprinted by Doran & Co., New York 1310 pp.
(*)Two Men of Manxland. Hall Caine, Novelist; T.E.Brown, Poet Biography of Hall Caine by Samuel Norris. Contains portrait, Printed by the Norris Modern Press