Item IDTypeAuthor Book TitleYear PublishedPlace PublishedPublisher's NameEdition NumberCover TypeCover ColorPagesNote
84NovelHall Caine, T.Prodigal Son, The1904New YorkA. L. Burt Companyhardgreen408
85NovelHall Caine, T.Prodigal Son, The1904New YorkD. Appleton & Cohardblack/red408
86PoetryHall Caine, T.Hymn for Survivors of the Titanic1912Harrisburg PA USAMinter Company1hardblue287Sinking of the Titanic, J. H. Mowbray
87ManuscriptHall Caine, T.Mahdi, The1894Original manuscript1soft notebookblue56Printers Galley-w/Author's notes
88NonfictionHall Caine, T.Queen Alexandra's Christmas Gift Book1908LondonDaily Telegraph1hardwhite53Ed. by Hall Caine
89NonfictionHall Caine, T.Queen's Christmas Carol, The1905LondonDaily Mail1hardwhite53Ed. by Hall Caine
90NonfictionHall Caine, T.King Alberts Book1914LondonDaily Telegraph1hardwhite188Ed. by Hall Caine
91NonfictionHall Caine, T.King Alberts Book1914New YorkHearst International Library1hardblue188Ed. by Hall Caine
92BiographyAllen, VivienHall Caine - Portrait of a Victorian Romancer1997Sheffield UKSheffield Accadamic Press1hardmaroon449signed by Author
93BiographyAllen, VivienHall Caine - Portrait of a Victorian Romancer1997Sheffield UKSheffield Accadamic Press1softgreen449
94IntroductiTirebuck W.E.Twixt God and Mammon1903New YorkD. Appleton & Co1softmaroon313Introduction by Hall Caine
95IntroductiMackenzie BellCharles Whitehead: A forgotten Genius1894LondonWard, Lock & Bowden, LTD1hardgreen294signed by Author
96BiographyKenyon, FrederickHall Caine - The Man and the Novelist1901LondonGreening & Co., LTD1hardmaroon224signed by Author
97BiographyBangs, John K.Peeps at People1899London and New YorkHarper and Brother Publishers1hardgreen185
98BiographyMacCarthy, DesmondPortraits1931London and New YorkPutnam1hardgreen293signed copy 21 out of 150
99BiographyNorris, SamuelTwo Men of Manxland1948Isle of ManNorris Modern Press Ltd1hard/papercoverblue342Illustrated
100BiographyBelford, BarbaraBram Stoker1996New YorkAlfred A. Knopf Publisher1hard/papercoverblue332Illustrated
101IntroductiDickens, CharlesWorks of Charles Dickens1913LondonWaverley Book Company Ltd1hardblue9494Introduction by Hall Caine to David Copperfield
102NovelHall Caine, T.Christian, The1897New YorkFrank A. Munsey Publisher1hardGreen1912Illustrated Vol 17 and 18, Serialized Version
103ArticleThe SphereEternal City, The1902LondonThe Sphere11A drawing of Hall Caine from Viola Beerbohm
104NovelHall Caine, T.Manxman, The1902LondonHousehold Words41softgreen4Serialized Version (Part 2)
105NovelHall Caine, T.Manxman, The1903LondonHousehold Words57softgreen4Serialized Version (Part 5)
106ArticleHall Caine, T.Underground New York1903LondonHousehold Words57softgreen2Serialized Version
107NovelHall Caine, T.Eternal City, The1902LondonHousehold Words26softgreen2Serialized Version (chapter 11 and 12)
67MagazineHall Caine, T.Election Speech at Ramsey1902Isle of ManClucas and Fargher1softbeige9Reminiscences of Notable Douglas Citizens
74MagazineHall Caine, T.Daughter of England, You have taught us how to die1915LondonDaily Sketch172softbeige1On the Death of Edith Clavel
108PoetryGalsworthy, JohnQueen's Gift Book, The1916LondonHodder & Stoughton1HardBlue160Page 34 "Woman" by Hall Caine, T.
109PlaybillHall Caine, T.Eternal City, The1906SheffieldLyceum Theater1Softbeige6
110NovelHall Caine, T.Eternal City, The1999JapanKibo Comics1SoftWine191drawings by Riki Kusaka
111ManuscriptHall Caine, T.Christian, The1898Original Manuscript1HardBeige/Red91Original Manuscript
112NovelHall Caine, T.Eternal City, The1902New YorkGrosset & Dunlap1HardMaroon448Photoplay Edition
113NovelHall Caine, T.Eternal City, The1902New YorkD. Appleton & Co1HardGreen449Theater Edition
114NovelHall Caine, T.Eternal City, The1901TorontoGeorge N. Morang & Co1HardMaroon638First Canadian Edition
115NovelHall Caine, T.Eternal City, The1901New YorkD. Appleton & Co1HardMaroon638First US Edition
116IntroductiRadcliffe, W.Isle of Man, The1925LondonMethuen & Co.1HardRed211Preface by Hall Caine, T.
117ArticleHall Caine, T.Canada and the Copyright Question1900LondonForeign Office11
118NovelHall Caine, T.Bondman, The1895LondonWilliam Heinemann4HardBlack340Colonial Edition; Cape Town, S.Africa
119NonfictionHall Caine, T.King Edward - A Pen Portrait1910LondonP. F. Collier & Son1HardBlue41with 4 photographs
120SetHall Caine, T.Hall Caine's Books1899Stockholm, SwedenWillhelm Billes1HardMarbled1470Three vols. Christian/Son of Hagar/Shadow of a
121SetHall Caine, T.Hall Caine's Works - 12 Volumes1934Copenhagen, DenmarkGyldendals Forlagstrykkeri1HardRed5000Leather bound special edition

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