Item IDTypeAuthor Book TitleYear PublishedPlace PublishedPublisher's NameEdition NumberCover TypeCover ColorPagesNote
122PoetrySharp, WilliamSonnets of This Century1886LondonWalter Scott1HardBlue3422 Sonnets by Hall Caine, T.
123MagazineHall Caine, T.Unto the Third and Fourth Generation1902LondonWindsor Magazine1HardMaroon804Page 213
124NovelHall Caine, T.Scapegoat, The1891LondonIllustrated London News1Soft56Serialized from July 4 to October 3, 1891
125NovelHall Caine, T.Deemster, TheLondonShoe Lane Publishing1Paperbackpainting154Pictorial cover
126ArticleHall Caine, T.Spiritual Brotherhood of Mankind, The1900LondonMills & Boon1Hardgrey11Contained in "The New Theology"
127NovelHall Caine, T.Son of Hagar, A1892Leipzig, GermanyHeinemann & Balestier1Paperbackbeige2512 Vols. English Library Series
128NovelHall Caine, T.Mahdi - Love and Race1894LondonJames Clark & Co.1Hardblue170Hall Caine's Personal Copy #87 of 100
129NovelHall Caine, T.Christian, TheOslo, NorwayGyldendalske Boghandel1Hardgreen288En Kristen (Norwegian Edition)
130IntroductiDickens, C.Crickett on the Hearth, The1906New YorkWilliam Heinemann1Hardgreen114Introduction by Hall Caine
131NonfictionHall Caine, T.Our Girls-Their Work for the War1916LondonHutchinson & Co.1HardMaroon12715 illustr. from Ministry of Munitions
16PlaybillHall Caine, T.Manxman, The1905BirminghamGrand Theater1PaperBlue1Theater Poster
131MagazineThe SphereEternal City, The1902LondonThe Sphere1paper2drawing by Spence from a scene in the play
132MagazineThe Play PictorialPete1908LondonThe Play Pictorial75Paper24Photos and narrative from the play
133MagazineThe Play PictorialChristian, The1907LondonThe Play Pictorial65Paper28Photos and narrative from the play
150MagazineHall Caine, T.Novelist in Shakespeare, The1893LondonFortnightly Review1HardRed2Vol 63 to 66 bound together
151NovelHall Caine, T.Prodigal Son, The1904TorontoGeorge N. Morang & Co1HardRedfirst Canadian ed.
152NovelHall Caine, T.Prodigal Son, The1904LondonThomas Nelson & SonsHard478
153NovelHall Caine, T.Prodigal Son, The1904LondonWilliam Heinemann1HardRedsigned and dated by author
154NovelHall Caine, T.Eternal City, The1902LondonGrosset & Dunlap1HardPopular Edition
155NovelHall Caine, T.Eternal City, The1919LondonWilliam Heinemann2HardRed
156NovelHall Caine, T.Eternal City, The1901LondonP. F. Collier & Son1Hardblack195
157NovelHall Caine, T.Christian, The1920LondonWilliam Heinemann26Hardred
158NovelHall Caine, T.Christian, The1901New YorkD. Appleton & Co9Hard540
159NovelHall Caine, T.Christian, The1898New YorkD. Appleton & Co3Hard540
160NovelHall Caine, T.Christian, The1897LondonWilliam Heinemann1HardRed452
161NovelHall Caine, T.Christian, The1903New YorkD. Appleton & Co10Hard
162NovelHall Caine, T.Christian, The1898New YorkD. Appleton & Co7HardRed540
163NovelHall Caine, T.Christian, The1898New YorkD. Appleton & Co8HardRed540
164NovelHall Caine, T.Christian, The1897New YorkD. Appleton & Co2HardRed540
165NovelHall Caine, T.Son of Hagar, ANew YorkRand, McNally & Co1Hard
166NovelHall Caine, T.Son of Hagar, ALondonThomas Nelson & Sons
167NovelHall Caine, T.Son of Hagar, A1894New YorkR.F. Fenno & Co1Hard
168NovelHall Caine, T.Son of Hagar, ANew YorkWerner Co.1Hard
169NovelHall Caine, T.White Prophet, The1909New YorkGrosset & Dunlap1Hardwith Dust Jacket
170NovelHall Caine, T.White Prophet, The1924LondonCassell & Co.Hard
171NovelHall Caine, T.Woman thou Gavest Me, The1913New YorkA. L. Burt CompanyHardgreen
172NovelHall Caine, T.Woman thou Gavest Me, The1913TorontoMusson Book CompanyHardRed446
173NovelHall Caine, T.Woman of Knockaloe, The1923New YorkA. L. Burt CompanyHardwith Dust Jacket
174NovelHall Caine, T.Woman of Knockaloe, The1923TorontoRyerson PressHard187
175NovelHall Caine, T.Scapegoat, The1899New YorkP. F. Collier & SonHard

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