Overview of principal works

Family Trust Collection


The works of Hall Caine detailed in the above pages constitute the most complete compilation of the author's Titles and most extensive Hall Caine library in existance today maintained by Nicholas Mouravieff-Apostol, Great grandson of the Author. According to Vivien Allen and Allen Cleary, "an incomplete bibliography was compiled for the Manx Museum by G. Fred Clucas, who was making a catalogue of works relating to the Isle of Man in 1913. He wrote to Hall Caine asking for his assistance. Hall Caine replied on 27 October 1913 that he could not help as he had never kept track of his books and the many editions, English and foreign, they had run through, nor did he have any record of the huge amount of newspaper and magazine articles and stories he had written. Today the task is impossible." The current listing is based on information gathered from the list published by Vivien Allen and Alan Cleary on the internet and in Vivien Allen's biography of Hall Caine. In addition, significant input from the well known Manx book collector, David Wilson, has improved on information derived from the British Museum General Catalogue of Printed Books and the US Library of Congress, university collections and other private sources.